Mark Morrow is an Edinburgh based Music Producer, Mixer, Engineer and Composer specialising in rock and pop music. He has been producing, recording and writing music for the past 10 years and has worked with a vast array of clients including local and more established bands, recording labels, PR companies and worldwide commercial businesses. 

His work is regularly featured on the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Scotland, BBC Rapal, BBC6 Music, STV, Channel 4 and Forth One. Some bands that Mark has worked with: The Winter Tradition, Atlas, Make Sparks, Indigo Velvet, Rebel Westerns, SeaOfCrowns, Emilio Largo, Northern, Ferric, Ali Robertson, Acrylic, Donnie Willow, Hold The Suspects plus many more.

As well as this, Mark also plays guitar, writes and produces for his band The Winter Tradition.

Have a listen to Mark's current showreel below:

(All recording, production, mixing and mastering by Mark Morrow, Music by: The Winter Tradition, David Ritchie, Indigo Velvet, Emilio Largo, Liam Allison, Hold Up There's Hope!, Ali Robertson, Rebel Westerns, Hold The Suspect, Save The Reckless)



Craig Ross (often credited as Ric Rogass) founded The Depot Studios in 2007 and has been engineering and producing recordings out of this studio since, as well as having a successful home studio prior to The Depot's existence. For the last 15 years Craig has been recording Scottish bands from all over the country, many of which have gone on to receive Radio airplay from the likes of Vic Galloway and Jim Gellatly. Craig has worked on numerous Creative Scotland funded projects as Producer, Engineer and Mixer, which include 'Put Your Love In Front Of Me' - The Little Kicks 2013, 'Toska EP' - Broken Records 2014, 'Ghosts and Monsters' - We See Lights 2009 and the CP Productions YMI Demo Fund Project.

Craig also plays bass and guitar in Broken Records and is songwriter, guitarist and vocalist in Easy Tigers.


Have a listen to Craig's current showreel below:

(All recording, production and mixing by Craig Ross (Ric Rogass), Music by: The Little Kicks, Broken Records, Watchfires, We See Lights, Redolent, Very Well)