We have 10 rehearsal rooms at The Depot. 2 of these are available for hire on an hourly rate. 

Rooms 1, and 2 are in The Cottage, next to our reception.

We have several rooms available for monthly hire, please email us if you are interested in being on a waiting list.

Off Peak (12pm - 6pm) £7/£9 per hour
Peak (6pm - 12am) £12 per hour 

WEEKEND (12pm - 12am) £12 per hour




If you want a particular amp or kit for your rehearsal let us know when you book. 
Our rehearsal gear selection just now consists of:

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo 
Fender Twin Reverb (vintage 70's)
Marshall DSL 401 Combo
Marshall AVT 150w H 
Marshall JCM H 
Engl H 
Marshall Cabs 
Peavey Tour 450 H 
Peavey 115TVX & 410TVX Cabs 
Tama Superstar Kits 
DW PD Kits 
Mackie, QSC, Soundcraft & Electrovoice PA

All of our equipment is serviced regularly by Dennis Marshall.
You can find him here - www.dennismarshall.co.uk